WAAP Council

The WAAP Council  is composed of the following members:

President: Philippe Chemineau
Email: chemineau@waap.it

Most immediate Past President: James Sartin

Vice-President South America and Africa Region: Norman Casey

SASAS, South African Society of Animal Production, Dept. Animal and Wild Sciences
P.O. Box 102100, Moreleta Plaza, 0163 Pretoria South Africa
E-mail: caseynh@icon.co.za

Vice-President North American Region: Deb Hamernik

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

Associate Director, NE Ag Experiment Station

Ag Research at University of Nebraska

E-mail: dhamernik2@unl.edu

Vice-President Asia Region: Naomi Kashiwazaki
Azabu UniversityLaboratory of Animal Reproduction

Sagamihara, Japan
Email: nkashi@azabu-u.ac.jp

Vice-President Europe Region: Matthias Gauly

Free University of Bozen,

Bolzano (Italy)
Email: matthias.gauly@unibz.it

Secretary General: Andrea Rosati
World Association for Animal Production
Via G. Tomassetti 3, 00161 Rome, Italy
E-mail: waap@waap.it

Liaison Officer FAO: Badi Besbes
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla 1 00100 Rome, Italy
E-mail: badi.besbes@fao.org

President of WCAP 19 is Philipe Chemineau

The financial accounts are audited by an indipendent (EAAP) Auditor: George Zervas (Greece).